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05 Jul 2020

Microbiology and health & safety for science technicians



As part of our technician network we are offering this standalone session on Microbiology and Health & Safety for science technicians.


This twilight session will be delivered by Simon Quinnell, leading expert on school science technicians and science technical services.


The Microbiology part of the session will include a range of engaging practicals and the Health and Safety session will provide you with clear and accurate guidance to make practical work in science safe.


If you are booked on our network you do not need to book for this session separately.


  • Receive updates and share current best practice

  • Learn about H&S aspects to comply with the COSHH regulations

  • Acquire the skills required for provision of safe equipment and materials

  • Consider safety aspects when culturing unknown environmental microbes

  • Safe sub-culturing of microbes for student use in lessons

  • Dealing with spillages and contaminated materials

  • Ideas for safe and successful practical activities

  • Disposal

  • Evaluate how practical work meets the requirements under the Heath and Safety at Work Act 1974


10 Jun 2020

East Coast Primary Network



Primary network meetings provide the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues and share best practice. The focus of this network meeting will be the new Ofsted framework which provides an opportunity to reinvent your primary science curriculum. Discuss key strategies to ensure that the intent, implementation and impact of your science curriculum is evident throughout school.




You will be able to:

  • identify and develop a whole school vision for primary science (intent)

  • describe strategies to ensure science is delivered effectively across the school (implementation)

  • begin to develop strategies to evaluate pupils success in science (impact)


06 Jul 2020

Developing expertise in quantitative chemistry

The Course

Anyone can do calculations in chemistry! This course will give you an opportunity to explore how to make calculations more approachable through a ‘hands-on’ opportunity for teachers to explore effective strategies for teaching quantitative chemistry, particularly at pre-16 level.


You will be able to:

• describe strategies for teaching quantitative chemistry

• understand how to help students carry out calculations using experimental data

• be aware of some of the misconceptions and barriers to learning about quantitative chemistry

£100 per delegate

08 Jul 2020

Cross Humber Primary Subject Knowledge Conference at THE DEEP


Our primary conferences always provide outstanding learning opportunities linked to topical developments in primary science teaching alongside time to talk and share ideas with other primary practitioners

The day will be split into three sessions, one each for

  • Biology

  • Chemistry

  • Physics


Free entry into The Deep is included and there will be an opportunity to visit The Deep either at lunch or after the event is finished.

£100 per delegate

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