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30 Jan 2020

Primary Science Network Meeting 3 Courses for the price of 2

The meetings are £40 each... BUT if you book on all 3 by 30 January you will get the 3rd meeting free!!!

The Course 

Our primary science leader network meetings are a series of bespoke CPD opportunities. 

Participants will be able to determine the content of the sessions. 

The first meeting will focus on tracking and monitoring and the progression of skills in primary science.

During the meeting, you will have the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues and share best practice. You will also explore various science activities and tools to provide an engaging experience for young learners


You will be able to explore various activities that link literacy with science; develop a suite of science activities that can inspire and engage young learners; develop a toolbox of ideas for science investigations that can be woven into the primary curriculum

Course dates 

Thursday 30 January 2020

Friday      27  March   2020

Friday      26  June     2020 

£40 + VAT

13 Feb 2020

Meeting the new Ofsted framework in secondary science

The new Ofsted framework, introduced from September 2019, requires leaders and teachers of science to have a clear curriculum vision for the subject, this course will guide participants through a review of the science curriculum offer to ensure that your students meet the Ofsted 3 Is (Intent, Implementation and Impact).

The course

Will look at how

  • To identify gaps in teaching and learning and how to ensure that they are filled

  • How to broaden your thinking beyond working to exam specifications and linking learning to the world of work

  • Society and real-world contexts.

£175.00 per delegate

25 Feb 2020

Essential Skills for new and aspiring science leadership


This is an online webinar with two 2-hour sessions and a 2-hour gap task in between the sessions.  Delegates will get access to a pre-course booklet with tasks and handouts.  Working with an experienced science leader you will develop a toolbox of leadership ideas, which you will be able to draw on immediately and, in the future, to help you maximise the impact you can have in your role as a science leader in school.

The Course

You will explore how leaders can:

  • Create a vision for science teaching and learning that will motivate your team

  • Grow and bring together a team of colleagues who can support and challenge each other to be the very best they can be

  • Prioritise and plan for action to use your time and resources effectively

  • Consider the relationship between leadership and management and use this to maximise your impact

  • Strategically lead change so that you work on the right things

  • Support, develop and empower colleagues for the benefit of all involved

  • Grow your own skills and competencies to become a better leader

  • Develop practical strategies in order to evaluate the department and inform strategic action planning



26 Feb 2020

Physics for non-specialists

The Course

If you have been asked to teach physics and it is outside your specialist area, this course is for you.

It has been developed with the Institute of Physics and throughout the course we will develop your understanding of the principles of physics and the skills and strategies needed to teach the subject effectively and improve student motivation and attainment. This, in turn, will increase take-up of physics at GCSE, A level and beyond.


You will be able to:

  • increase your understanding of physics topics at 11-16

  • become more confident and competent in your teaching of physics at 11-16

  • develop an understanding of common student misconceptions and how these can be addressed

  • employ the effective use of scientific models relevant to the teaching of physics

  • rehearse opportunities for practical work and the use of ICT-based activities

  • teach the mathematical aspects of physics with greater confidence

£175 per delegate

03 Mar 2020

Science Technicians' Network- 3 Sessions

The Course

With recent changes to the science curriculum now embedded in most schools and colleges, challenges still remain in maximising the enjoyment, engagement and success of learners.


This course recognises the pivotal role that technical support staff play and provides the opportunity to meet, discuss and share good practice.


You will:

  • receive updates and share current best practice

  • consider ways in which technical support for science departments can be optimised

  • establish a working brief for the network

  • identify future training needs


09 December 2019 

03 March 2020 

25 June 2020 


13 Mar 2020

South Humber Primary Conference

In conjunction with the Eastern Yorkshire and Humber Science Learning Partnership, and South Humber Stem Ambassador Hub, we would like to invite you to an afternoon of STEM networking and opportunities. There will be guest speakers at the event from a range of STEM organisations and a session on Raising Attainment in Primary Science and Ofsted with Pam Waite.


All science subject leaders from across the region are encouraged to attend this afternoon session, specifically targeted at raising attainment in primary science and support that is available to do so. Guest speakers include: Dan Lewin (Regional Network Lead, National STEM Learning Network, Chris Fletcher (SLP Lead, Eastern Yorkshire and Humber SLP); Lesley Rollings (STEM Ambassador Hub Lead, North/North East Lincs) and STEM Ambassadors.


25 Mar 2020

Mathematics in Science Teaching

There is an increased mathematical demand in science and a greater understanding is necessary to accelerate student learning and raise attainment.


The Course

Explore the typical weaknesses in mathematics that hinder student’s ability to understand and solve scientific problems. Examine the skills and strategies needed to help you teach the mathematical aspects of science confidently.


You’ll understand the weaknesses in understanding mathematics and will be able to identify pedagogies to address them.

You’ll learn how mathematics is used to make simple descriptions and predictions in science and how this might be support by software examples.

£50- per delegate

30 Mar 2020

Developing expertise in quantitative chemistry

The Course

Anyone can do calculations in chemistry! This course will give you an opportunity to explore how to make calculations more approachable through a ‘hands-on’ opportunity for teachers to explore effective strategies for teaching quantitative chemistry, particularly at pre-16 level.


You will be able to:

• describe strategies for teaching quantitative chemistry

• understand how to help students carry out calculations using experimental data

• be aware of some of the misconceptions and barriers to learning about quantitative chemistry

£100 per delegate

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