Lead Practitioner Accreditiation

Blueprint Alliance  is proud to be a partner of the SSAT and a Lead Practitioner Learning Centre
We can offer support, training and accreditation of your Lead Practitioners, whether following one of our standard packages, or a bespoke programme.
Building on the success of the Lead Practitioner programme and aligned to the new Ofsted framework, the Lead Practitioner accreditation provides a tool and structure to drive forward professional development in schools, offering an opportunity to reward those who already lead others and to develop those who have the potential to be future leaders of learning or aspirant SLEs.
Through the online tool, individuals reflect and focus on evidencing impact. The process of applying is just as important as the outcome. Designed as a professional learning journey, a virtual vault of impact, it enables aspiring LPs to reflect on how they lead others and what success looks like.
Practitioners applying for LP accreditation need to provide evidence of meeting criteria that defines the knowledge and skills used in leading practice: personal skills, professional knowledge and skills in leading and impacting on the practice of others.
The criterion measures the knowledge and skills used in leading practice and assess each area at one of four levels: beginning, developing, extending or transforming and leading. Applicants who achieve extending or transforming and leading are accredited as associate lead practitioners and obtain a range of benefits for career and professional development.
Designed as a professional learning journey, applicants can take as long as is needed to complete their application. The online application process allows them to assess themselves against the criteria and also provides feedback on whether or not they have reached the accredited standard. If they are not yet at a level where they can achieve accredited status they can further develop their skills before completing their application and submitting it for moderation.
Designed to be rigorous but not onerous, the process will guide practitioners to reflect on the impact they have had on others’ practice, which in turn has led to improved student learning.
The online tool is ideal for CPD, helping evaluate strengths and recognise areas to develop.
Accredited LP status lasts for three years


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